Fitness mix is an assortment of ripe dried fruits and berries with the addition of dried pistachio kernels. A mixture of pistachio, dried mulberry and cranberry, as well as dried apricots and diced figs, will give you a harmonious taste. Ingredients of “Fitness mix” instantly restore strength and saturate body with a concentrated mixture of micro and macro elements, vitamins and minerals. Since ancient times, dried berries and fruits are indispensable products for human diet: being both tasty and nutritious delicacy, they are also rich for nutrients.

Useful properties of “Fitness mix”:

  • Splitting of cholesterol plaques that reduce the elasticity of vessels walls;
  • It improves liver function, activate bile passage;
  • It protects cells walls from destruction by free radicals;
  • It reduces the likelihood of the genitourinary tract infection by killing the bacteria that cause the disease;
  • It helps to eliminate radionuclides, heavy metals and many other harmful substances from an organism;
  • It effectively contributes to the regeneration of connective tissue;
  • It allows to reduce negative influence of chemical medicines on an organism.

We recommend “Fitness mix” for:

  • People who are prone to frequent colds;
  • People who undergo an antibiotics course of treatment;
  • People who want to lose weight and who have to control their blood sugar level;
  • Pregnant women;
  • People who suffer from thyroid diseases;
  • People at risk of cardiovascular diseases;
  • In cases of anemia and in order to restore metabolic processes in an organism;
  • People suffering from diseases of the biliary tract and gastrointestinal tract;

  • Sunflower seeds

    White seeds are a special kind of seeds, which, unlike usual black seeds, has a larger size, white shell and a distinct nutty taste.

  • Almonds

    The fruit pulp in which the almond nut is hidden is not edible and is easily separated from the stone, giving it all the valuable elements.

  • Dried apricots

    Thanks to excellent combination of taste and high content of vitamins and macro elements, dried apricots are known all over the world.

  • Pumpkin seeds kernels

    A real treat for those who like pumpkin seeds – Misso pumpkin seeds kernels, carefully dried at the optimal temperature for maximum preservation of healthy elements.максимального сохранения ...

  • Cocktail Salty

    Misso includes roasted pumpkin seeds kernels, almonds, cashews and peanuts, and the entire composition is completed by a pinch of natural sea salt.

  • Pistachios

    Pistachio (lat. Pistacia) is a dry nutlet of the fruit trees with a shell of yellow or purple hues. Pistachio has an oily, ovoid core of a characteristic green color.

  • Hazelnuts

    Hazelnut (lat. Corilys Pontica) is a delicious nut of forest trees, a variety of hazel. The rounded, heart-shaped form of the nut makes it impossible to confuse hazelnut with any other nut.

  • Cashew

    Cashew (lat. Anacardium occidentale) is probably the most original type of nut from Brazil. Cashew is the fruit of the evergreen tree Anacardium, or rather part of the fruit.

  • Pumpkin seeds

    Pumpkin seeds in a shell, carefully cleaned of fruit pulp and dried in open air. Due to the high content of nutrients and a unique combination of zinc, amino acids and B vitamins.

  • Light Mix

    This nutritious mix from Misso includes dried dark grapes, fried almond kernels, cashews, peanuts and hazelnuts.